Without consumer choice, the jobs and livelihoods of nearly 500,000 members of the Canadian automotive aftermarket industry are at risk.


Join the Automotive Industries Association (AIA) of Canada and other aftermarket leaders in pressing policymakers to pass legislation that ensures vehicle owners keep the right to repair their vehicle.

We need your help

As part of the federal election campaign, we need to ensure that the candidates understand the importance of the right to repair for the aftermarket.

  • Let the candidates in your riding know that you want to keep the right to repair your vehicle. Take action by sending a letter, prepared for you using our online system that matches you to your candidates and sends your letter to them.
  • Your role in helping us spread awareness is vital. Use the toolkit to find resources and information. Most importantly – use your voice to talk about how this issue affects you.

Become part of the industry champions who have already pledged their support and sign the Canadian vehicle data access and control petition.

It’s your car. It should be your data.

Join the Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice.™ initiative.

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